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Transition Program

Grade 7 Transition

At Kings Meadows High School we are in continuous conversations with our Primary Schools through: the Connect 6 program of meetings; strategic planning and Middle Years Literacy project.  This work coupled with our targeted transition program supports a smooth transition into year 7 where students have a core team of teachers for English, HaSS, Maths. Science, Health and Physical Education. 

Our year 7 students remain in their class teacher group for their core and option lessons in Design Technologies, Drama, Food Technology, LOTE, Music and Visual Arts. The building that is home to year 7 is separate from other year groups providing security and comfort while students are gradually exposed to the school environment. Class teachers are responsible for the welfare and pastoral care of students in their class teacher group.

In addition, students choose four enrichment courses that they study with year 8 students. Studying enrichment courses with students from across year 7 and 8 classes supports everyone to increase their circle of friendships, confidence, resilience and motivation to succeed.

We provide flexible groupings of students in literacy and numeracy lessons to foster academic support and extension.  Students join one of our Houses for the purpose of representing their House at intra-school competitions.

Every year group has access to leadership opportunities a particular highlight is the opportunity to be a Transition Leader.  In this role year 7 students act as mentors to year 6 students, sharing information about High School and offering friendship and support as they transition from Primary school to Kings Meadows.  

The department provides us with data describing academic achievement of our students.  Across the Connect 6 schools we engage with a range of survey tools to gather answers about how are students are feeling about school and their learning.  We gain valuable information that informs our carefully phased, yearlong transition program that responds to the social and emotional needs of adolescents. We use our Department values of Respect, Growth, Courage and Aspiration to create a safe learning environment that responds to the needs of individuals in order to motivate and engage students to be the best version of themselves. 

We have a Peer Support program, designed to build successful peer relationships and leadership skills.  Peer Support leaders work with the year 7 team to support students to develop personal organisation, time management skills and a greater understanding of high school life.

Our teachers have high expectations for teaching and learning.  They understand they need to prepare students for an ever changing world.  Our transition program provides collaboratively developed experiences for all our students.  We work closely with students and their families, year 6 teachers, learning support teachers, social workers and psychologists to develop our transition program. 

Some of the ways we work to create a shared successful transition experience include:

  • Challenge Day
  • Parent information Evening
  • In school Observations
  • Online community and digital platforms for increased communication of information
  • Flexible programs
  • Enrichment courses
  • Learning support visits
  • Course Selection Evening
  • Social Work groups; and
  • Orientation Day

WELCOME TO KINGS MEADOWS HIGH SCHOOL.  Grade 7 enrolments are now open for 2022.  Please contact the school office to express your interest on 6343 1000.


Grade 10-11 Transition

Throughout the Grade 10 year, students at Kings Meadows High School are involved in a number of meetings, presentations and transition events with our local colleges. This allows students to develop a sound understanding of college expectations, structures, Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE), ATARs (University entrance scores), course offerings and information regarding their future pathways.

Regardless of their entry point, our colleges have courses designed to cater for all ability levels and to prepare students for the world of work or further study after their completion of Year 12. These subject and courses include:

  • Level 2 subjects - these can be taken as preparation for Level 3 subjects or to develop skills or knowledge in a subject area.
  • Level 3 and 4 subjects- these are the highest level at which students can study and provide the points required for University entrance.
  • UTAS subjects are written by the University of Tasmania and often give students credit points towards first year university degrees.
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs are nationally accredited and students can undertake Certificate I or II programs in a variety of areas.
  • Students with disabilities are also well supported at college and there are a range of subject offerings to suit their needs, interests and abilities.

Students will usually enrol in 4-5 subjects at college depending on their pathways and how many Level 3 subjects they are enrolled in.  To qualify for University entrance, students need to complete at least four Level 3 or 4 subjects, but to maximise their chances of being accepted into their chosen degree, it is recommended that at least five Level 3 or 4 subjects are studied over their two years at college.

All college students should be aiming to achieve their Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE) by the end of Year 12. This certificate has been developed by a diverse group including representatives from business, industry, education and training providers, parent and community members and schools. Gaining the TCE allows potential employees to see that college graduates have been actively engaged in education and are proficient in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT.

When students have decided on which college they will be attending, experienced course counsellors will work with them to assist them in making their course selections. The counsellors will ensure that these selections cater for the individual student’s interests, skills and ability. They will also ensure that the student is enrolled in courses that will allow them to achieve their TCE and an ATAR score if they are on a University pathway.

Our local colleges also provide parent information evenings throughout the Grade 10 year and welcome parents to enrolment meetings with students if they are available and wish to attend. Parents can contact either Launceston College or Newstead College at any time throughout the year with questions or queries or speak to our Grade 10 Leaders or 9/10 Assistant Principal for further information.

Year 11/12 Offerings

Kings Meadows High school is an extension school, offering subjects for Year 11 and 12 students. In 2021, we will be broadening our scope to include, CPC20211 - Certificate II in Construction Pathways (with a focus on bricklaying, and tiling) as well as Level 2 English, Mathematics, ICT and Agricultural Enterprise (with a focus on Viticulture). Our course offerings are available to Kings Meadows High School students as well as any other students across the region.

Along with our beautifully redesigned and renovated teaching and learning spaces, we have a brand new Year 11/12 block under construction. We also own a vineyard, situated at the back of the school which will provide hands on experience for students enrolled in Agricultural Enterprises and a newly built construction area for students enrolling in our VET course.

For further information related to Year 11 or 12 at Kings Meadows High School, please click on our Student Guide and/or the Certificate II in Construction Pathways and Agricultural Enterprises booklets below:

VET Course

CPC20211 - Certificate II in Construction Pathways (with a focus on bricklaying, and tiling).

Certificate II in Construction Pathways gives students opportunities to learn through making as well as providing them with practical DIY skills in the allied trades. This designed learning program has direct links with our Packages of Learning in Architecture and Construction and complements the Construction VET course currently offered by the colleges. The focus on bricklaying and tiling is unique to Kings Meadows High School.

Enrolment in the construction VET course is subject to expression of interest and interview. Students enrolled in Certificate II in Construction Pathways may choose to attend Kings Meadows High School full time or do a shared enrolment with Launceston College, Newstead College or another extension high school.

TASC Subjects

CLP205118 – Career and Life planning: The Career and Life Planning course is compulsory for college students.  This course will provide opportunities for learners to develop self-awareness, explore future opportunities and develop and use decision making skills to match their learning to their future needs. These will in turn enable learners to make informed career decisions and respond to changing circumstances now and into the future.

ENA215114 – English Applied: This course is designed to provide learners with the skills that will empower them to succeed in a wide range of post-secondary pathways. This course will develop learners’ language and literacy skills to enable them to communicate successfully, both orally and in writing. These skills will also allow them to enjoy and use language for practical purposes, and for leisure and pleasure. Successful completion of this subject provides students with 15 points towards their TCE and the everyday adult reading, writing and communication standard (literacy tick).

MTN210114 – Essential Skills Maths: The Essential Skills - Maths course is designed for learners who require a structured and tightly focused course to develop their numeracy skills to the standard expected by the TCE requirement for everyday adult mathematics. Successful completion of this subject provides students with 10 points towards their TCE and the everyday adult mathematics standard (numeracy tick).

MTW215120 – Workplace Maths: The emphasis of Workplace Maths is to provide learners with the mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding to solve problems in real contexts for a range of workplace, personal, further learning and community settings. Successful completion of this subject provides students with 15 points towards their TCE and the everyday adult mathematics standard (numeracy tick).

ESC205114 – Essential Skills – Using Computers and the Internet: Using Computers and the Internet course is designed for learners who need to develop their everyday adult skills in use of computers and the internet in order achieve their educational and vocational goals. Successful completion of this subject provides students with 10 points towards their TCE and the everyday adult use of computers and the internet standard (ICT tick).

AGR215117 – Agricultural Enterprise:  KINGS MEADOWS HIGH SCHOOL run the TASC subject Agricultural Enterprise Level 2 (AGR215117), specialising in the area of Viticulture. Successful Completion of this subject provides students with 15 credit points towards their TCE.  

If you would like to find out more about studying at Kings Meadows High School for Year 11 or 12, please contact:

Kate Blaubaum (Assistant Principal) –

James Guy (AST) –

Tom Hartley (Agricultural Enterprise Teacher) –

Glenn Wood (Cert II in Construction Pathways Teacher) –