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Latest information received 13 May 2020 from Department of Education

Social Media Video


A message from our Principal:


Everyday all our students have Class Teacher from 9am for 30min. Every Class Teacher Group has a Home Room course in Canvas. This short video tutorial highlights the some of the functions of the buttons and how to access information.

The link below is a valuable resource for parents with students studying from home that may be experiencing technical difficulties:


The link below is valuable information for parents to assist with students' wellbeing.


30 March 2020

Please click on the link below to view instructions on how to use CANVAS:



25 March 2020

Please see below information that might be helpful to put on facebook or newsletter.

Government Financial Support Options

Crisis support for Families and Individuals

Red Cross – 1800 733 276

Salvation Army – 13 72 58

City Mission Australia – 63 35 3000

Anglicare – 1800 243 232

Mental Health Support

Life Line – 13 11 14

Beyond Blue – 1300 224 636

Kids Help Line – 1800 555 000

Mental Health Help Line – 1800 332 388


24 March 2020

Dear Parents and Families

I hope that you and your family members are managing during these challenging unprecedented times. As a school community we are endeavouring to do all we can under the circumstances to ensure everyone’s wellbeing and safety is the first consideration and that we continue to provide learning programs in a safe learning environment for all our people.

I have attached the most recent information for parents that was received late yesterday (23rd March) from the Secretary of Education, Mr Tim Bullard. You will note in his letter he outlines that at this point in time our schools are deemed safe places to work. He also indicates that as of Wednesday 25th March parents and carers may choose to keep their children home and that the responsibility for their wellbeing and safety and continued learning, is the parent’s responsibility. It also states clearly that if families choose to keep children at home, that schools will endeavour to provide opportunities for continued learning at home but “only so far is reasonable”. As I have said previously, we are in the very fortunate position at KMHS in that we are well progressed in using CANVAS as a learning management system and all students can access their Learning Area Canvas rooms, on-line, to continue their learning. This is the common instruction all staff have had around any requests for work to be sent home. It is certainly not reasonable to expect staff to prepare work that is being delivered at school face to face then also do individual work for students who are at home. We do understand that this means work in both places is disrupted, but this is unavoidable at this time. The Department of Education Public Website also has some good links to websites for families to access for at home learning and I encourage you to have a look at these. If we move to a position where schools are not open, we are certainly planning around how we will deliver our programs, learning, support and pastoral care to our students. The Department of Education are also working hard in this space. We have conducted a school audit of ICT access for our students and again feel we are well placed to deliver an online program. There will certainly be alternatives though for those with limited access or specialised programs that may be needed. More information will be disseminated when that time arises.

Please note also that our School Association General Meeting and AGM have been postponed until a time when we can conduct these meetings appropriately.

We will be limiting access to the main administration office area and ask that families who need to pick up children wait for them outside. If you need to speak with someone in the office can this be done via the phone and if where possible, payments can be made via BPay or over the phone. We certainly understand that there will be instances where none of these are an option and you have to come in, but we respectfully ask that you adopt good social distancing measures and sanitiser is available at the front desk.

I would like to thank everyone for their cooperation and understanding during these challenging times and thank those families who have been so kind in their messages and emails to our teams. It is appreciated.

Please stay safe and I will update regularly as information comes through. All information relating to COVID- 19 can be found on our Website.

Warm regards




We have sent all parents/guardians an email asking about internet access and the number of devices (laptops, iPads, computers etc) available for your child(ren) to use in your home. We have had an amazing response to the survey. For those that have not yet completed the survey please check your email. If you have not received an email please select the new SEND MESSAGE button on our page to send us your email address. In reply we will send you the survey link.


In the event of a site closure your school will communicate with you.

Your school may move some or all your child’s learning into online spaces. They may also use offline strategies to make sure all students have learning access.

For advice on how to support at-home learning, visit


Telstra are currently offering additional free data in light of Covid-19.…/supporting-you-during-covid-19



We can all help stop the spread of disease by remembering these few things:
>> stand apart
>> wash your hands
>> cough and sneeze into your elbow.
Stay up-to-date by visiting:…/…/infectious_diseases/coronavirus



NAPLAN will be cancelled for 2020 so school leaders, teachers and support staff can focus on the wellbeing of students and prepare for the continuity of education.





Our student leaders created a video describing how they maintain social distancing and follow the handwashing procedure. Department of Education, Tasmania


Beyond Blue has put together a resource about mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.
It is normal to feel anxiety and stress, but maintaining perspective and taking steps to look after mental wellbeing is important.
Beyond Blue looks at a range of issues including:
* accessing quality information
* managing your mental health and
* approaches for conversations with children and young people.…/looking-after-your-mental-h…


19 March

This afternoon we will have an extended class teacher period where all students will be given a copy of the letter available in this post as a link. We continue to modify our timetable to provide supported opportunitites for students to wash their hands, go to their lockers and use the canteen while maintaining social distancing.

Department of Education, Tasmania

A series of Frequently Asked Questions have been made available on our website:
For the latest advice, information and resources about coronavirus visit:…/c…/infectious_diseases/coronavirus and


18 March

We have modified our timetable to ensure every child is supported to correctly follow the unanimous clear advice to wash hands before and after eating and using the toilet. We also ask that students wash their hands before class teacher each morning.

Help stop the spread of germs by washing your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and warm running water.
For more coronavirus information and resources visit


18 March

Mrs Pinnington spoke to our school community to share information about COVID-19 and how our school will address social distancing and handwashing procedures.  Please click on the link below to view:


16 March

Today at school we shared the hand washing procedure. Tomorrow we will talk about the social distancing procedure.


To reduce exposure to COVID-19 schools will be adopting social distancing measures. This means:
* the cancellation of all assemblies and presentation nights
* excursions
* travel
* fetes
* fairs
* concerts (with audiences)
* all sports carnivals
* school camps (both local and interstate)
* parent teacher meetings (consider using phone or other technology).

These restrictions will be in place until further notice.
For the latest advice, information and resources about coronavirus visit:…/c…/infectious_diseases/coronavirus and


15 March 2020

Attention parents:
The Minister of Education has informed principals that as a precautionary measure to reduce the exposure of the COVID 19 Virus that schools must cease all camps and excursions effective immediately. This means that we will need to postpone our Grade 7 trip to Camp Clayton Wednesday 18 March and any other excursions that were planned for this week including HPE. Please share this information with other families.


Kings Meadows High School will send home a letter about our Grade 7 Camp Clayton cancellation.

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training

** Precautionary Coronavirus measures to be implemented in Tasmanian Schools**

Following the latest advice from Public Health, the Tasmanian Government is asking schools to adopt social distancing measures, requiring the cancellation of assemblies, excursions, travel, some events and conferences.

This is a precautionary measure to reduce potential exposure.
Other non-essential school activities will also be postponed, including events such as: fetes; fairs; concerts (with audiences); assemblies and presentation nights; all sports carnivals; school camps; and parent teacher meetings.

The health and safety of Tasmanians is our highest priority and we will continue to act on the best advice we have available at the time.

The restriction on these activities will be in place until further notice, and will be regularly reviewed.

While we are advised that at this time it is not required to close any school sites, we are acutely aware this situation is evolving, and we will continue to take our advice from Public Health.

Schools will continue to implement strict hygiene protocols and act in a protective and preventative manner to help limit the spread of coronavirus.




We have updated information on Novel Coronavirus available on our website. The latest information is available at: